MyMonth May


May 2011

After such a busy month, thank goodness I only had to find three images, although it is fair to say they are probably the three most relevant images I have posted for a month in this project so far.

So, here is a quick explanation:

  • M – The Golden Arches, or, more specifically, the Golden Arches on the front of one of our Lecturns.

This month has seen me get back (a little bit) to where I am most at home – Presenting to groups. May bought us our first All Hands meeting of 2011, along with Degree Assessment Days, and a number of other courses. Bliss.

  • A – Half term means the girls are at home, which could be symbolised by the toy you see here (although our girls are way too techy for yo-yos!)

But no, the yo-yo is to symbolise my trips this months… London and back on a daily basis, Kent, Nottingham, Coventry, Essex, Suffolk – I am glad I collect Shell points. Up and down the country like a yo-yo this month.

  • Y – Really pleased with how this one turned out… It is fair to say it is the first shot that I truly planned out.

Check out my additional post for more information on how I set-up and got this shot (along with a couple that I didn’t quite get right!)

Why a cocktail?

A couple of reasons:

All Hands = Nights out with free Cocktails – I think the phrase was “Hmmm, this is far from unpleasent” was mentioned a few times. Exactly!

Celebration! – A wonderful wedding shoot with the lovely Ruth & Mark – An absolute pleasure to spend time with…

Celebration! – A welcome to the world drink to wet the head of the super cool Charlie Westlake… Nice to meet you little man!

So a busy month – and now we are in to full-on Wedding Season, so another few busy months ahead.

As usual, I have put together a short slideshow of the images, which you can view here on Vimeo

Until next month… All the best,

Paul Trs Sig